Lapis Blue Mountain Jade Wire Wrapped Copper Pendant

Lapis Blue Mountain JadeGemstone  Pendant

Lapis Blue Mountain Jade Pendant

This is one of my favorite wraps to do. It originally comes from Lisa Barth, a very talented jewelry designer. I like how it looks a bit like a jeanie bottle, especially when made with rich, oriental colors, like this lapis blue Mountain Jade cabochon.

It’s a fairly difficult wrap to master and has taken a lot of trial and error, even with a tutorial, to get the wires to lie the way they’re supposed to.

Blue Howlite Gemstone Wire Wrapped Pendant

Blue Howlite Gemstone Wire Wrapped Pendant

Turquoise blue Howlite wrapped in Argentium sterling silver with a smooth round bead. Beads with a large enough hole, that are also affordable, are difficult to find.

An orange Carnelian cabochon wrapped in copper wire.

Carnelian Gemstone Pendant wrapped in Copper

Carnelian cabochon wrapped in copper. 

All my jewelry is proudly made in Canada. Visit here If you’re in Canada or Europe, or here if you are in USA.

About healing crystal jewelry

I've been making jewelry for about 6 years and quickly discovered a love of working with wire, and how it can be used on its own as a design element. I started designing with healing crystals when I was looking for a complement to medication I was taking for Depression. I wanted to use a more natural approach, a way to help me balance my life, allow my creativity to prosper. Working with healing crystals and gemstones, as well as using other holistic healing methods, has helped me find some of that balance and focus. I use wire in many of my designs as a way to feed my spirit, and I'm hoping my jewelry will help you heal your body and spirit on your own healing crystal journey. Each stone has its special qualities that I try to work into my designs while still allowing their energy to transfer through
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